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Branch Awards

ASM’s Southeastern Branch Award program recognizes outstanding research or teaching contributions from microbial scientists in the Branch member states (Alabama, Florida, Georgia).  These annual awards are an excellent opportunity to honor the work of your peers.

Nomination packets must be received by March 11th 2024 5pm ET. 

Send to Dr. Sophie Darch:  

Peggy Cotter Travel Award
The ASM Peggy Cotter Travel Award Program for Early Career Branch Members provides funds for outstanding early career* Branch members to attend ASM Microbe in 2023.
Definition of Early Career: For the purposes of this award, “early
career” includes:
   • Postdoctoral fellows (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)
   • CLS-MLT-MLS Bench Techs (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)
   • Early Career Faculty (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)
   • Early Stage Investigators (ESI’s) (up to 10-years beyond terminal degree)

SEB-ASM Specific Selection Criteria:

  • 1.    Must be current member of the SEB-ASM

  • 2.    Previous track record of participation and/or exceptional contributions to branch meetings

  • 3.    Active mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students or newly trained clinical microbiologists 

  • 4.    Active participation in social media and outreach efforts to spread the word out about the SEB-ASM, ASM Microbe and ASM

Application Package: 

CV and 1-page Application Statement (containing the following information):

  • 1.    Name, current position, institutional and SEB-ASM and national ASM affiliation

  • 2.    Plans to attend 2024 ASM Microbe

  • 3.    Plans for presentation and participation

  • 4.    Description of SEB-ASM participation (presenting at previous meetings, service)

  • 5.   Evidence of mentoring students

  • 6.   Award impact on your professional development as a scholar and/or teacher of microbiology

  • 7.   Statement acknowledging the reporting requirements after the travel is completed (award is issued from National Branch, acknowledge that awardee will comply with national instructions)


Please put “SEBASM Award nomination” as the subject line of the email.  Nomination packets will be evaluated  by an Awards committee composed of Branch officers from each of the three member states. Successful applicants will be informed by March 13th 2024


We look forward to your nominations!

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